Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Year's Party in Steampunk Style

The steampunk culture has come to develop an environmentally friendly bent. Because steampunks revel in the idea of making the old new again, they often recycle and reuse items. Steampunk fashion designers and modders scour thrift stores and flea markets for vintage items to reuse and remake. Jewelry designers search flea markets and antique stores for knick knacks to make into new centerpieces for their designs. Generally speaking, the creative minds of the steampunk world much prefer the gritty, antique objects found in dusty attics to shiny, new things found in department stores or ordered via Internet.
 Images from the following Etsy shops
Victorian style dress RomanyRapture
Steampunk gloves DoveGlove
Steampunk mini hat LittleLadyAccessory
Hand painted shoes LoveMirandaMarie
Cat art print GoGoBookart
Pendant and earrings GunaDesign


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Natural Christmas decoration- a wreath from dried flowers

You will need
- Different dried flowers
- Floral foam
- Cocktail sticks
- Small knife
- Scissors

Cut a round peace of floral foam. It should be larger as a bobeche. In the center of this round floral foam cut with a knife a circle in the size of the candle.

From wire create U shape pieces. With this pieces of wire you can fix smaller flowers and leaves on the wreath. First fixed some silver dollars on the foam to cover it. Use U shape wire pieces.

Turn the shuim. Fix the the roses in the wreath. The roses are fixed on the cocktail sticks.

Fill the space between the roses with different smaller plants and flowers. The smaller plants you can fix by using the U form wire.

ATTENTION- the wreath is made from flammable materials. Don't leave candle without supervision or with children.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Online knitting classes

Have you always wanted to knit a lovely lace shawl, gloves or even a dress, but soon after very enthusiastic begin your job lie around the house and later disappear somewhere in the closet. It was more difficult as you expected, but actually it is not difficult at all, only you should know some small tricks and to have good basic knowledge.  Craftsy classes can help you. There are many lessons at different levels and projects. Once you bought it, you can always come back to refresh your knowledge.

And one day you will be able to create this knit dress by Jean Paul Gaultier

Monday, December 8, 2014

Old T- shirt= new item

Don't know what to do with old t-shirts? You can throw them away or cut them up for rags! But there are many nice creative ways to repurpose or re-design them!

Source Pinterest